Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno Hulk Smash

Lou Ferrigno who was the green Hulk in the TV show is not only back for a cameo in the upcoming movie Incredible Hulk but he will also lend his voice to the beast, saying the famous catchphrase 'Hulk Smash' which has cemented the force of the Incredible Hulk in the popular lore.

You may hear the mythical words in this Tv spot of the Incredible Hulk:

Lou Ferrigno lends his voice to say: "Hulk Smash!"

In the featurette here below The Incredible Hulk stars Ed Norton, Lou Ferrigno and more talk about how the classic TV show inspired their new movie:

The new movie Incredible Hulk is proud to claim the legacy of the TV show! Hulk Smash!