Friday, May 23, 2008

Incredible Hulk Preview Clip

Some previev clips of the Incredible Hulk have shown up:

Hulk is pissed off by Blonsky...

Come with me.
Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) and Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) reunite.

Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk.
A trip to the park takes an action-packed turn as the Hulk and Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) come under attack from the military.

Under Siege.
The Hulk is facing the military attack and the foolhardy Blonsky.

The Hulk protects Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) when attacked from the sky.

Blonsky is a sadist!
In the same park a few minutes later Soldier Emil Blonsky is shooting at the Hulk....

Think about This!
Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) tries to keep Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) from leaping into battle. Bruce Banner, aka the Huk, is indeed gonna jump from an helicopter!

The Hulk faces off against The Abomination.
Beginning of 26-minutes fight between the Hulk and the Abomination.

Director Louis Leterrier and Actor Edward Norton have made the Incredible Hulk more incredible than ever. And how amazing the special effects are!

That's a blockbuster: the Incredible Hulk is gonna blow up theater screens!